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Style By Design partners with homeowners and real estate agents with one goal in mind: To prepare a space that speaks the language of “home” to everyone who walks through the doors. With a level of professionalism, style, and care, we’ll create an atmosphere that brings comfort to those purchasing, peace to those selling, and serenity for those staying.

Jennifer Byrnes
Co-Partner / Designer

Jennifer Byrnes

Jennifer's responsibilities range from design and installation, client communication, and inventory purchasing. Having a background in administration and creative fields, she uses interior design to appeal to prospective buyers, creates spaces that show beautifully when they go on the market, and personalizes projects to bring joy in individual homes.  Every project is treated with detailed care from beginning to end. 

Co-Partner / Designer

Sharon Serres

Sharon brings years of experience to the high end furniture and design business, with an extensive background in sales & management. She approaches each project with a passionate but practical design sense. People and service are what inspire her! 

  • Special Thanks To
  • Sam and Patti Occhiuto; Windermere Real Estate
  • Matt Goodrich; Cascade ProMedia
  • Herb Collingridge; Branding/Website